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Welcome to one of the world's largest libraries of Sport, Commercial and Military Diving periodicals. It is international in scope, with collections from forty-one countries.

Archeology, Council, General Interest, Instruction, Medical, Photography, Retail, Technical, Travel and Treasure are some of the various categories represented.

Many complete sets have been Library (hard cover) Bound. Other sets and partial sets are bound in the publisher's binders. A few volumes have been soft cover bound.

Of special interest are -- issues signed by famous people; an advertising and sales pre-first issue with five pages of scrambled text and blank pages; publisher's decals, calendars, pins and other rare items.

The rarest Edition in the library, is a com- plete, photocopy of EPRON. A bulletin in magazine format, it was published in RUSSIA in 1929. Is it the oldest diving periodical ever published? To this day, I have found nothing that is older.


Maintaining the library is more than just collecting issues. How would I know if there are, or were any diving periodicals published, and in which countries? What issues, if any, are needed to complete the many sets? What about title changes, mergers and descriptions? Etc.

Considerable time is spent on research. The extensive archives contain information for more than eight hundred periodicals from fifty-one countries. Pending completion of the current updating of information, more than twenty volumes of DIVING PERIODICALS INTERNATIONAL are anticipated.

The custom built periodical cases fill two rooms. They contain more than seventeen thousand magazines, newspapers and newsletters. Additional, extra issues are now being placed in storage.

For the past thirty-seven years, trading with collectors world wide and building the library, has been a very enjoyable task. My goal is to have at least one copy of every issue, of every Sport, Commercial and Military diving periodical ever published. Can you help me?

As you sit back and relax, I hope that you enjoy your journey through the wide world of diving periodicals!




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